Wine Making Questions & Answers

Q:        What is Valley Winery�s best selling red table wine kit?

A:         For the table wines the Chilean Merlot was the best seller for over 2years but now the Spanish Rioja has gained more popularity.

Q:        What is the difference between a Cream Sherry and a Sherry Wine

A:         The Cream Sherry is sweetened with approximately two cups of corn sugar, which not only sweetens it but gives it a fuller mouth feel.          

Did You Know?

            Valley Winery will take your cleaned, recycled, bottles from previous batches.   

            We then clean the bottles again and sell the bottles as recycled for home

             brewers and the profits are donated to our local Alaska Northern Stars  U16

            Softball team. 


Q:        Why should I be particular about the yeast I use?

A:         Yes! When possible use the recommended yeast or close as you can get to

            because your goal should be more than just alcohol, yeast contributes to flavor,

            aroma and body.


Berry Happy!

Thank you to Valley Winery for providing the opportunity for me to put my raspberries to good use.  I put 4 quarts in with my Black Raspberry Merlot kit and it came out fabulous. Family and friends rave about it and I since I bottled it in small bottles it makes the perfect addition to my gift holiday baskets.  C.J. Smith


Looking for a Share

I�m interested in putting a new kit (for me), a Piesporter, if you are interested in sharing � of batch please let Valley Winery know.    Karen Stewart


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